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Gola Ganda Machine in Pakistan

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Gola Ganda Machine in Pakistan

Are you looking for Gola Ganda Machine in Pakistan? The perfect Gola Gonda machine for dinner at home price, easy to use in Pakistan it is our small and effective ice crusher machine, perfect for making slashes and frozen beverages. Lower and mount the measuring cup, as the water expands the size of the ice, so the water filled tank should not be too full, with a 1 cm gap at the top of the measuring cup.


Best Gola Gonda in Pakistan

Take a small measure in the freezer until the cup is completely inside the water freeze. Pour a cup of ice inside, open the ice capping machine and place in an ice bucket. Cover the top of the cover and place the cup under the handrails, moving the handle clockwise, cutting the ice into pieces, which will be under the measuring cup. Next to the favorite fruit in the dish, the cold solution does a good job of pulling out the ice section. Free Home Delivery All pakistan.Cash On Delivery.online shopping pakistan. Delivery Time: working 2 Days. telebrand.pk. Best quality.


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