USB Powered Multi function Brain Comfort Massager in Pakistan

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Product Description

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Are you looking for USB Powered Multi function Brain Comfort Massager in Pakistan?Multi work Brain Comfort Massager gives full body knead batting, unwinds body and mind well, soothe stretch days. Quickens course of blood, facial magnificence, cosmetic touch up and healthy skin. Rapidly eases side effects of cerebral pain or wooziness, as they are free of symptoms when contrasted with sedate medications. This item is the best decision to deal with your wellbeing and magnificence. Body Massager receive solid/frail slide switch mode, can unreservedly control the energy of back rub as indicated by vibration quality. Telebrand

Best USB Powered Multi function Brain Comfort Massager in Pakistan

Shell it embraces natural material, it is solid and safe. Multi-work Brain Massager with USB port, this back rub apparatus is appropriate for utilize while unwinding and can be utilized whenever, anyplace. This device utilizes a vibrating technique and can be utilized as a part of all parts of the body.

Multifunction Brain Comfort Massager


Get full head/body rub

Hand worked gadget

Fast expulsion of cerebral pains, unsteadiness

Solid/frail switch modes. Slide and turn on the electric massager, control vibration constrain openly

Three back rub heads give distinctive back rub strategy

Bolster 2 way control supply: battery or PC USB