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Laptop Table T8 in Pakistan

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Short Description

Durable Aluminum

Weight: 1.78 Kilograms

Two dedicated USB Fans

17” or smaller laptop

Laptop Table T8 in Pakistan

Are you looking for Laptop Table T8 in Pakistan? Workstation and Study Table T8.Firm and tough Laptop table.Top notch aluminum Aluminum Panel Laptop Stand with 360° pivoting Aluminum legs A viable workstation cooling Pad having Two USB coolers for cooling PC and expanding its proficiency.Multifunctional: PC table/stand/work area/cooling cushion, perusing table, feasting table ,excursion work area, Mini Desk, Palette, Flower Shelf and so on  telebrand.pk

Laptop Table T8 in Pakistan

Best Laptop Table T8 in Pakistan

Maximun stature: 48cm , Weight:1.70kgs

Laptop Table T8 in Pakistan

Compact because of light weight

Max stacking 15kgs

Plate is 27.5 cm wide, 43cm long


Portable and folding
Two cooling USB fans
Made by aluminum alloy
Situations suitable : bed, sofa, desk, carpet, lawn
Usage suitable: laptop desk, mini desk, palette, flower shelf
Apply to: Adults/kids
Color: Black

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