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Chef Basket 12 in 1 Kitchen Tool in Pakistan

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Chef Basket 12 in 1 Kitchen Tool in Pakistan

Do you like to cook new dishes and one among the most important problems you face is that the collection of all edibles from the frypan after cooking? The Chef Basket 12 in 1 Kitchen Tool, because the name indicates, may be a premium quality hanging style basket designed to organize the mouthwatering tasty foods and snacks through deep steaming, deep boiling and deep frying. The Chef Basket 12 in 1 Kitchen Tool basket is formed from chrome steel mesh frame that permits the gathering of all edible from the pan or frypan after cooking. Moreover, the mesh of the basket allows the draining of additional oil from the edibles after cooking. telebrand.pk

The overall usage of the Chef Basket 12 in 1 Kitchen Tool is sort of easy and straightforward . All you’ve got to try to to is to place all the edibles within the basket then close the basket and dip it in oil for cooking. After the food is ready , then you’ll simply lift the basket from the frypan or pan to gather all the edibles from the basket.


  1. Top quality Chef Basket
  2. Helps to prepare the steaming, deep frying and boiling
  3. Made from the durable stainless steel frame
  4. Foldable
  5. Eco-friendly
  6. Easy to friendly
  7. Available in Silver Color
  8. Portable
  9. Lightweight

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