Twin Motion Toning Belt in Pakistan

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he Twin motion belt is that the state-of-the-art slimming device. the twin motor of the belt uses the pulsating movement to get rid of the excessive fats from the body. The device uses the traditional chiropractic treatment that not only help just in integrated toning, but it also improves the overall health of the body by minimizing the stress-level. the dual motion belt is that the perfect way of a fanatical lifestyle!

This device help to get rid of the excessive from the body fats through the systema lymphaticum It helps to enhance the gastrointestinal system of the body by improving the general ability of the body to soak up nutrients. The heating plant of the device help to enhance the blood circulation It helps to enhance the sports agility by toning the whole major muscle groups, which also helps against some injuries It works by massaging penetrating deep into the tissues that helps to enhance potency-level of the body Main Features of the Device:

Helps to get rid of the excessive fats without tiresome and time-consuming exercises Massage the muscles of the body with 5 different speed levels Forward and reverse Oscillating function of the device helps to retain the shape of the body by removing the surplus fats Compact, sleek, durable and lightweight Can easily be used on different parts of the body as calves, arms, shoulder, thighs, etc. Five variable speed settings The design of the device also provides safety against temperature controls Additional features of the device:

Multi-functional remote All modes have auto-timer function of 10 minutes The device comes with trim-lined case for straightforward storage Please Note:

All the individuals must seek their doctor’s advice prior using the merchandise that are using medications to treat certain diseases as cancer, cardiac disorders, pregnancy, fever, spinal disorders or affected from the other disorders


nput: AC100-240V, 50-60 Hz

Output: DC24V 2.5 A

Net Weight: 2 Kg (approx)

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Gross Weight: 2.5 Kg (approx)