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Portable Wardrobe in Pakistan

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Portable Wardrobe in Pakistan

Are you looking for Portable Wardrobe in Pakistan? only: telebrand.pk  If you have a small house and do not have enough wooden shelves to hold clothes, the best choice in such scenes are portable wardrobes. Telebrands portable wardrobe is free standing furniture that you can stand on any floor or in a short time in any room. In other words, just like any other wardrobe furniture designed to hold clothes and other accessories, the overall design of the wardrobe. The total height of this cupboard is 6 feet.

The portable wardrobe is made from the highest quality aluminum pipe that serves as the construction of the cupboard. Each aluminum pipe has a holding to the other pipe, which is then joined by a combination of quality plastic. There are basically two large areas in this cupboard. There are a lot of shelves in one area in which you can put different items, another has a pipe on the shelf in which you can hang a lot of your clothes.

Best Portable Wardrobe in Pakistan

The Telebrands portable wardrobe comes with a quality canvas cover. This cover is also waterproof and does not allow water to easily go inside the cupboard. The primary purpose of the wardrobe is to cover all parts of the wardrobe as soon as the structure is complete. The cover is made of quality material that adheres completely to all areas of the cupboard and on its own. It completely covers the two openings of the wardrobe. This cover protects clothing and other valuables from being damaged by dust, dirt or moisture.

Telebrands portable cabinets are designed for indoor applications and can be placed anywhere inside the home or office. This cupboard fits equally well in offices and other living spaces. This cupboard is an ideal solution in places where there is always a problem in space to place items properly. The best part of the wardrobe is that it can be placed almost anywhere to suit the user’s need. The cupboard can be easily moved from one place to another and should not be separated for this purpose.

  1. Dimensions: 49.2 x 17.8 x 68.90 Inches (Length x Width x Height)

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