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Multi-functional Adjustable Table mate IV on Sofa, Chair, Bed,and floor

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Multi-functional Adjustable Table mate IV on Sofa, Chair, Bed,and floor

Are you felt burnt out on of working before routine room table

Need an opportunity to work anyplace( in T.V parlor, Lawn or on bedor anyplace)

or on the other hand have a spinal pain as a result of inappropriate working stance

or on the other hand your folks feel torment in bowing

Utilize our imported marked Tablemate II with glass holder which is light in weight, simple to convey anyplace and movable to different statures and points. The table mate is foldable and can lift a weight of up t 20 Kg. Its wide surface can be utilized as your dinning table/amusement table, PC stand or open air plate table. telebrand.pk

Movable, Foldable multipurposestand

Can be utilized as PC table, breakfast/diningtable, think about table and so on.

Holds up to 20Kg.

Table plate that can change in accordance with 6 differentheights and 3 points

Best for individuals who need to work for long hoursor have Back hurts

Foldable to involve least space

Numerous table Like having 18 tables in 1

Perfect for those with restricted space and versatility

Best workstation table cost in pakistan

>Can be utilized as workstation table, breakfast/eating table, think about table and so forth. Holds up to 20Kg.

Employments of Table Mate

>Laptop collapsing table

>Study work area

>Reading table

>Writing table

>Drawing table

>For playing table games

>Card table

>Outdoor plate table

>Patio plate table

>Serving table

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