Kinesiology Tape Breathable Waterproof Athletic Recovery

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Are you looking for  Kinesiology Tape Breathable Waterproof Athletic Recovery in Pakistan?

only: Rehabilitation duct technique is applied to the muscles to reduce pain and inflammation, to relax tired muscles and to support muscle movement.

  •  This tape is designed to improve the body’s natural healing process by helping to increase blood flow around the muscles. It is unrestricted, allowing full range of motion; The wave pattern adhesive support moves along the skin and muscles.
  •  100% new
  •  Support your muscles and joints without restricting movement
  •  Fix joint damage and improve proprioception
  •  Normalize muscle function, improve lymph and blood flow * Use 100% medical gum, do not worry about allergies
  •  Waterproof and breathable
  •  With graduation back, it is convenient to cut