Gosh Eye Liner Pen (Liquid) Black in pakistan

Gosh Eye Liner Pen (Liquid) Black

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Gosh Eye Liner Pen (Liquid) Black in Pakistan

Eye Liner is to a great degree smooth, delicate and rich, and has a surface that takes into consideration ideal recess and mixing, before setting on the top. It has an even complete that last up to 14 hours without wrinkling, chipping or blurring. It has a superb and even shading pay-off and is anything but difficult to mix not long after application. It is extremely reasonable on the waterline of the upper/bring down top as a kohl/kajal, however can likewise be utilized around the edge of the eye with a thin or wide line. It is anything but difficult to work with. To shade, characterize, make and play, and the outcome is an extraordinary wrap up.

High scope

Simple application


Safe to utilize

Gives you excellence