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Finger Pulse Oximeter With Led Display in Pakistan

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Finger Pulse Oximeter With Led Display in Pakistan

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The pulse oximeter measures blood oxygen saturation and heart rate by illuminating a light through the skin and detecting both the color and movement of your blood cells. Blood cells that have a good amount of oxygen are red, while others are dark red.

Best Finger Pulse Oximeter With Led Display in Pakistan

The pulse oximeter compares the number of bright red cells with dark red cells to calculate oxygen saturation as a percentage. Therefore, if the reading is 95 percent, it means that 5 percent of the blood cells have lost oxygen.

The pulse oximeter helps detect hypoxia, a condition in which the body loses enough oxygen supply. The pulse oximeter helps in the early diagnosis of corona patients who can help prevent deaths due to COVID-19.In many cases, patients may feel comfortable and may not feel that they have developed hypoxia. This means that patients have a tendency to develop lung and lung disease.

Relying solely on clinical trials or waiting for advanced symptoms such as shortness of breath can delay treatment and the patient may become severely deprived of this valuable time. Regular monitoring of oxygen levels can help medical personnel to take rapid action without waiting for shortness of breath or pneumonia. It also helps prevent the crisis from escalating.

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