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Derma Roller 4 in 1 in Pakistan

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Derma Roller 4 in 1 in Pakistan

Derma Roller 4 in 1 in Pakistan

4 of every 1 Derma Roller framework For Whole Body and Hairs 4-in-1 Derma Roller System is a logical and comprehensive gadget with 3 interchangeable heads with various needle tally and sizes to use on face, neck, eyes and body. 0.5mm needle to use on under-eye zone, 1mm needle to use on face and 1.5mm needle to use on body.

It works by prickling the skin and deceiving it to recharge skin cells by fixing itself which results in new collagen generation. It is known to help with skin break out scars, spot marks, scar expulsion, extend marks, cellulite, wrinkles, and male pattern baldness and skin recovery for progressively versatile skin. Derma Roller 4 in 1 in Pakistan



Derma Roller invigorates new COLLAGEN PRODUCTION which constructs another layer of skin and replaces the old skin with wrinkles, crow’s feet, skin break out scars, sun harm, age spots, broadened pores, cellulite, extend checks and skin pigmentation. It likewise animates hair development by attracting more blood to the scalp. Altogether IMPROVES ABSORBTION OF ANTI-AGING PRODUCTS:

Miniaturized scale needling works by prickling the skin with heaps of minor needles which not just lift collagen generation by making the skin fix itself at a fast speed, yet in addition by permitting hostile to maturing, against cellulite and hostile to scar items to enter into the more profound layers of the skin through a great many small channels.


: We are glad to declare that Youth Stream Derma roller needles are made with TITANIUM, number one decision for Micro-needling items. Titanium needles remain ultra-sharp for quite a long time to come, don’t twist, rust or cause unfavorably susceptible response. Our item is CE and RoHs guaranteed.


It is imperative to disinfect your rollers previously the method with 70% liquor arrangement. 4-in-1 Derma Roller incorporates a strong travel and capacity holder with inherent sanitizing chamber to keep your rollers set up, sorted out and clean. Derma Roller 4 in 1 in Pakistan


Utilize little 0.5mm needle roller on your touchy under-eye region to decrease crow’s feet, 1mm roller all over to lessen wrinkles, sun harm and skin inflammation scars, and 1.5mm needle roller on your body to eradicate extend stamps and soften away cellulite.


Adequacy It can invigorate the regular recuperating of the skin, advance cell digestion, upgrade skin flexibility, fix harmed tissue and instigate development of body collagen.

Wellbeing The Derma roller has just gotten the CE Certificate. It is continued disinfecting under axenic conditions, and after that fixed up totally; the reaction of the innovation of miniaturized scale needle is very low, it won’t harm the uprightness of the skin structure, protected and solid.

Constant Deep rebuilding actuates cells, moderate skin maturing, and increment the skin essentialness. Derma Roller 4 in 1 in Pakistan

Wide Applicability Head, Face, Eyes, Neck, Limbs, Lips, etc…

Common sense It can be taken care of effectively and its normal ingestion is above 98%, which achieves its best impact, being a thousand times than the ordinary excellence items, striking!

The Science It makes the enacted parts of peptide quality and different supplement components are simple and specifically traveled to the best position of skin by means of small scale section for the skin to assimilate rapidly. Derma Roller 4 in 1 in Pakistan


  • Decreases Fine Lines, Deep Wrinkles and Crow’s Feet
  • Enhances the presence of Acne Scars and Stretch Marks
  • Invigorates Hair-Growth, Boosts Collagen Production
  • Takes out Hyper Skin Pigmentation, Evens out Skin Tone
  • Essentially enhances assimilation of corrective items
  • Treats Cellulite and Saggy Skin


(1) Select a roller head and connect it to the handle

(2) Roller 300 needles roller set out toward a little region around the eyes, behind ears, scars;

(3) Roller 720 needle roller set out toward the medium region like face, neck;

(4) Roller 1200 needles for vast regions like tummy, legs and whatever remains of your body)

(2) Put the liquor in sanitization tank and splash derma roller there around 5-8 minutes. Make certain to douse all sides of the derma roller head;

(3) Apply reasonable dietary salve/cream on territories of skin that the roller is to be utilized (not required In All Cases)

(4) Roll in reverse and advances 4-5 times, keeping the speed and weight uniform along these lines making progressively miniaturized scale vessels;

(5) Move the roller multiple times at any rate in four ways;

(6) Apply nourishment or cover items on the skin that requires care in the event of skin irritation.


(1) Pressing the roller into the skin.

(2) Overusing the roller.

(3) Not cleaning the skin or roller before use


1) Create a sterile situation. Wash hands with cleanser and warm water. Wash the treatment territory altogether, and dry with a spotless towel. Make sure to clean an assigned surface to put the things you’ll require amid the procedure.

2) Apply a thin layer of topicaine desensitizing gel to the treatment territory. This progression is vital for a profound, extreme treatment; in this manner it just should be done once every week. Wipe off any abundance gel with a paper towel. Derma Roller 4 in 1 in Pakistan

3) Roll the derma roller in various ways on the skin—four rolls vertically, on a level plane and the two diagonals ought to be sufficiently adequate to guarantee wanted outcomes and animate collagen development in the skin. Try not to press excessively hard, yet apply a lot of weight. In the event that you utilize your derma roller without the topicaine gel, less weight ought to be connected.

4) Wash the region with virus water, and dry delicately with a spotless washcloth. Apply a quality cream or salve, ideally with nutrients C and E for best outcomes. In the event that you’ve utilized the topicaine gel amid your treatment, utilize an antibacterial cream pursued by a quality lotion.


1) Do not constrain the roller on to your skin, mellow weight as it were.

2) Roll multiple times evenly and vertically at a similar force.

3) If your skin is delicate, apply desensitizing cream before the treatment.

4) Do not utilize Derma roller consistently.

5) This item can be utilized over and again, yet is entirely for individual use.

6) Disinfect derma roller before use.

7) If you don’t know about the size you require or you have any inquiry or concern, if it’s not too much trouble reach us before you start to utilize Derma roller.

Most successive inquiries and answers


How regularly do you prescribe changing the roller heads?


3 distinctive roller heads accompany this item. Every roller head is unique and you change them relying upon the piece of the skin you need to treat


Does it have a guarantee?


A guarantee? Do you mean, does it work? Well I have been derma moving for near a year presently, focusing on the wrinkles and lines around my mouth and lips week after week. Consistently I do my whole face and neck. I have seen some enhancement, yet it resembles everything else, you must be reliable, keep saturated and wear sunscreen. I will proceed with this procedure in such a case that you care about anything it’s a nonstop work in process. Everybody’s face if extraordinary, they aren’t costly, I would state – try it out


Does the compartment have cover? I don’t see a top in the photos


Indeed! It arrives in a hard, clear plastic shell/cover.


Where is it made?


This roller has been made in China


How often seven days would i be able to utilize this?


This thing can be utilized a few times each week relying upon your skin. Generally the day after I use it my skin is red in a few regions, it ordinarily leaves amid that day.

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