Battle rope 38MM-38 Feet in Pakistan

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Strong & Heavy-duty, 3-Strand Twisted PolyDac Construction for sports Fitness, Undulation, Battle Rope. Made with 100% Poly Dacron material, the rope will be hard to fray, break or come loose. Perfect for the body, arms, shoulders & legs, cardio training, increasing reaction time & metabolic rate. High tensile strength 12M 15M long battle rope for indoor &/or outdoor activities, military-style training, and etc.

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Are You looking for Battle rope 38MM-38 Feet in Pakistan? Material: 100% polypropylene and polyester, do not absorb or leave the floor, are resistant and durable, wear high tensile strength. Practical: ABS, arm and core strengthening, coordination and structure Widely applied to: Crossfit, Fitness Training, Athlete, Boxer and Sports-Lover Easy to hold: Heat shrink cap ends help keep them in shape, protect your hands and give you a better sports training experience. Different measurements increase your abs, arms, shoulders, legs, burn ***, stamina and improve shoulder endurance, increase reaction time and metabolic rate Thin rope is suitable for beginners, we recommend that you choose it according to your physical condition / muscle level, cement floor is also not recommended to use, rubber or wood floor is recommended she goes. Quality guaranteed, we offer this war rope best after sales, you can guarantee to use it, warm up your body before training is very important, our product will bring you health and happiness.