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Spin Spa Brush in Pakistan

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Spin Spa Brush in Pakistan

Turning Spa Shower Brush

Ideal for cleaning hard-to-achieve zones

Immediately improves the body

Expels dead cells

Transforms home into a spa

Incorporates 5 x spa connections:

Purifying head – delicate abounded set out toward delicate purging

Back rub head – worked in elastic massagers entwined in delicate swarms

Pumice stone head – enables make to harsh skin smooth and expels calluses

Microdermabrasion head – Use to shed skin

Work wipe head – delicate shedding.

Water-safe, long-achieving 9″ handle with a non-slip hold

The Spin Spa brush has a back rub and cleaning head to purge distinctive parts of the body, a peeling head to clean the facial region, a pedicure set out toward your feet and a small scale dermabrasion make a beeline for scour away flaky skin.

The 9″ handle with a non-slip hold makes it simple to achieve every last bit of your body.


Free typical conveyance inside Singapore

Measurements: 13.5cm x 5.5cm

Net weight: 122g

Pivoting stainless steel small scale edges bog away dead skin without causing aggravation

Buffing cushion evacuates unpleasant skin patches, calluses and dead skin-develop on heels while completing cushion mollifies soles and toes for supple and more advantageous skin

Two multi-utilitarian velocities:

Low revolution for cleaning and peeling on soles and toes

High turn for expelling callus on heels