Candy Box Pattern Rotating Double layer in Pakistan

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Product Description

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Are you looking for Candy Box Pattern Rotating Double layer in Pakistan?  Easily open lid with simple turning of the top layer. All coaches open at the same time. This expandable decorative storage container has an extensive compartment for all crafts and scrapbooking supplies. Bloom Twist opens in an easy move and has many compartments for fruits, candy, buttons, jewelry, rivets, washi tape, eyelet, cloth, clips and more decorations! Storage containers do not have to be boring. The box is functional and beautiful and cool D & eacute; Core grinding for any craft

How To Use:

  1. Press and hold the top flowers button by hand
  2. Turn to the Right To Open it
  3. Turn Left To Turn Off
  4. Color: Blue Pink
  5. Size: Open 44cm
  6. Close: 27 cm. Height 13 cm