Solar Light Green Power in Pakistan

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Solar Light Green Power in Pakistan

Product Description : These energy-efficient, low-maintenance star lights add an enthralling, ornamental glow to your route, patio, or flowerbeds. They are essential for everyone’s garden. The star panels convert daylight into electricity throughout day time and recharge the battery. At night, the sunshine activates mechanically.

Solar Light Green Power in Pakistan Features: Absolutely NO WIRING and simple to put in. Recharged by star panels underneath sun lightweight. Ideal for areas wherever standard electrical offer isn’t obtainable. material:ABS,

Solar Light Green Power in Pakistan LEDs will last up to a hundred,000 hours. Automatic device activates at crepuscule. Lights up to 10 (10) hours if absolutely charged. OFF/ON Switch. Safe & waterproof. Package embrace : Rechargeable : Ni-MH 3XAA 1200mAh Battery enclosed. 1X star lightweight. Solar Battery:6V 120mA .