Mini Firming Roller in Pakistan

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Are you looking for Mini Firming Roller in Pakistan? Mini Firming Roller in Pakistan physical therapist- mini Firming Roller Massager Break Fat Tissues MA-021, Telebrand Pakistan

Best Mini Firming Roller in Pakistan

MINI FIRMING ROLLER in Pakistan for abdomen, waist, leg, face, hips, arms and additional Voltage: 110-240V, 50/60Hz

DC: 12V 1000mA

Size: 8.5cm (Diameter), 13.6cm (Height),

Main case: ABS

Wheel: Si for outer ring and special nylon to prevent breakage underneath air mass

MINI FIRMING ROLLER in Pakistan Strong nevertheless soft Si teeth-shaped rollers deeply grasp muscles and rotate at high frequency to interrupt fat matters below

Stimulates blood circulation,  humour evacuation and volume discount

Tones and warms muscles and soothes backaches

Intended to assist scale back adipose tissue.

Give yourself a calming massage reception