Massager Reflex Reflexology Slippers in Pakistan

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 Massager Reflex Reflexology Slippers in Pakistan

Reflexology Sandals – Massage Slippers; Acupressure Foot Massager; Foot Massager; Reflex Massage Sandal; These Reflexology Sandals Counts With Nodules That Apply Pressure on Specific Points on Your Feet to Provide a Great Massage While Relaxing You. In Fact This Sandals Use The Ancient Knowledge of Acupuncture to Provide a Great Support For Your Feet While Stimulate a Better Overall Body Wellness. In Fact the Reflexology Sandals Encourage a Better Circulation Prevents Headaches and Stress and Avoid Leg Cramps.  Telebrand These Reflexology Massager Slippers Are Manufactured With Anti-Microbial Materials to Eliminate Foot Odor. One Size #9 Fits All. Massager Reflex Reflexology Slippers in Pakistan