Egg Boiler Machine in pakistan

Egg Boiler Machine in Pakistan

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Product Description

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Flawlessly Boiled Eggs With an Egg Mate Egg Boiler  Telebrand

With stainless steel level warming

plate, solid and simple to wash. Telebrand Pakistan

Elegant appearance,

modern workmanship and simple operation. Telebrand shopping Pakistan

Safe programmed force turn-off and over temperature assurance capacities;

Cooks eggs the route you like it

Likewise suitable for steaming distinctive nourishments

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350 watts, Telebrand products in Pakistan

Air conditioning 220-240v/ 50-60hz

Auto switch off & security cut-off

Bubbles up to 7 eggs

Signal caution capacity when eggs are prepared

Incorporates measuring mug, Telebrand in Pakistan

Removable transparent cover and cooking rack With pilot light

The Fine Print Telebrand