Bestway Inflatable Sofa Bed in Pakistan

₨ 13,900.00 ₨ 10,500.00

Bestway Inflatable Sofa Bed

5 in 1 

With Air Pump


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Product Description

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Are you looking for Bestway Inflatable Sofa Bed in Pakistan? is a quick and efficient seating and sleeping solution. This versatile bed can be converted into a queen-sized bed or a full-size bed in just one-two minutes. You can turn this bed into a comfortable lounger to watch your favorite movie in the TV lounge. This lightweight bed can withstand a maximum of 250 kg. The secret behind the strength of sofa cum beds lies in its high quality polyvinyl chloride content. The product gives the look and feel of real leather. You can also find other inflatable beds on the market, but the sofa cum bed is completely different from them.

Bestway Inflatable Sofa Bed


The Bestway Inflatable Sofa Bed in Pakistan has three sections: 2 base compartments and an upright section. The two base sections are connected by flexible tubes and allow air to flow easily between the two sections and the upright section. You can extend the length of your bed by flattening the floor and leveling the third section. You can also raise the third section to make a bed in a comfortable recliner or lounge.The best thing about Bestway Inflatable Sofa Bed in Pakistan is that it is as comfortable and sturdy as a regular foam or air mattress. You can contaminate the bed for storage purposes to keep it under or near the bed



  • 1 x 5 in 1 Sofa cum Bed Colored
  • 1 x Electric Pump + 3 Nozzles
  • 1 x Repair Patch Kit
  • Stylish 1 x Carrying Bag