Automatic Perfume Dispenser in Pakistan

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Are you looking for Automatic Perfume Dispenser in Pakistan?  the programmed shower from AIR WICK, conveys ordinary blasts of scent for the duration of the day for as long as 60 days. At the point when utilized on the 36 minute setting Battery-controlled clock switch consequently discharges aroma.Automatic Perfume Dispenser in Pakistan

The programmed unit can be hung or put in any room of the home and is anything but difficult to utilize. Just supplement the airborne refill into the programmed unit; and it will discharge a crisp, light burst of scent at steady time interims. Three time interim settings are accessible – 9, 18, and 36 minutes. Battery worked (included).


Automatic Perfume Dispenser in Pakistan


Reliable discharge technique gives a light, inconspicuous freshness to a whole room.

Simple and advantageous

Can be utilized with all refill fragrances

Incredible for any size room

Keeps going as long as 60 days (on 36 minute setting)


2 AA basic batteries

1 screw/grapple

Accessible in Sparkling Citrus Fragrance